At SAKURA internet, we have a vision to build a society that helps everyone who tries with great enthusiasm make what they want to do a reality with the use of the internet. Based on our strong belief that the internet has the potential to bring joy to people and society, we will provide various solutions that turns “what you want to do” into “what you can do”. We value envisioning the future for customers, employees, local communities and all other stakeholders.

Founder & CEO, President Kunihiro Tanaka

Seeking a “Japanese-style” digital infrastructure
that creates leeway

The Internet has taken root in society and it is now part of the essential infrastructure. It is the foundation for society that enables many people to enjoy a rich cultural life. This richness will continue to extend in different ways as different people and businesses use it independently. Since remote working became commonplace, you can work anywhere while maintaining a balance with childcare and nursing care. New businesses that use information technologies have emerged one after another. Digital transformation (DX) tends to be discussed in the context of streamlining, but its essence lies in transforming people’s ways of working, business styles and society itself.

Japan faces a major problem of an aging society with fewer children. We aspire to open the way for a new society in Japan where people can be happy even with the trend towards a more elderly population. Digitalization will achieve richness amid the aging of society and even turn a declining population into an opportunity. If Japan can show a successful example, happiness will not belong to Japan alone. It will reassure other countries whose own populations are declining.

We are seeking to build digital infrastructure that creates leeway for society. In other words, we aim to deliberately create quantitative richness such as resources, time and scope for resolving conflicting values. We will endeavor to encourage everyone to think about growth potential — their own, their company’s and society’s — instead of immediate interests. When that happens, society will be changed.

While fulfilling our role of supporting social infrastructure, we will seek a solution that best suits Japan and will continue our efforts to constantly improve ourselves, aiming to create a society where you can do what you want to do. We appreciate your support.

Founder & CEO, President
Kunihiro Tanaka