Business Activities

Since our founding in 1996, SAKURA internet has strived to offer high quality Internet services centered on data centers. We have kept in step with the changes to the Internet environment since then and developed diverse services to meet the needs of our clients and support our clients' business. Today, we continue to ceaselessly work towards the realization of new businesses.

Data Center Services

SAKURA internet has secured high-speed internet connection with the data capacities of the highest caliber in Japan. In addition, we operate our own data centers with sophisticated security and robust facilities. We are based in three locations across the country: Tokyo, with Higashi-shinjuku, Nishi-shinjuku, and Daikanyama; Osaka with Dojima; and Hokkaido with Ishikari. Operating 24 hours a day for 365 days a year, we protect our clientsʼ important data.

Features of SAKURA internet Data Centers

Due to our high-capacity and high-speed internet connection, our data centers have high availability, stability and throughput. Equipped with strong facility capabilities, we provide ideal environments for servers.

Ishikari Data Center

Types of Data Center Services

SAKURA internetʼs Data Center Services business can be broken down into two main categories: Housing and Hosting.


We house the clientʼs server in our data center and perform maintenance and management on the clientʼs behalf. With our Housing Service, SAKURA internet loans out rack space where clients can freely set up servers and other telecommunications equipment. We also loan out communication lines, power, etc.


Hosting services enable the client to use the data center operatorʼs server resources via the Internet. At SAKURA internet, we offer three services. The first is the “Dedicated Server Service,” in which a client is given use of a whole server. The second is the “Rental Server Service,” in which several clients use one server together. And the third is the “Virtual Server Service,” in which several virtual servers are set up on a physical server and used as if they were dedicated servers, such as with VPS and clouds.
Within the field of hosting today, services that use virtualization technologies – such as clouds and VPS – have established themselves. Naturally, SAKURA internet offers services using virtualization technologies, but in addition to these, we have revamped conventional services such as the Rental Server and Dedicated Server services. This approach enables us to meet all of our clientsʼ needs with the right people in the right places.

New Businesses and Services

Due to the spread of virtualization technology-based cloud computing, it has become possible to offer services in the last few years that were difficult to handle with pre-existing systems in the past. Today, we at SAKURA internet are making use of the experience and track record we have built up through our data center businesses to develop new Internet services that will contribute to our clientsʼ business.

Our Initiatives in Koukaryoku Computing

With the increased attention on research into deep learning and artificial intelligence, we believe that the demand for computation processes will continue to grow in technical fields that require large amounts of computing resources. At SAKURA internet, we have actively utilized new hardware and technology to begin providing “Koukaryoku Computing” – a new service that goes beyond todayʼs cloud services.

Our Initiatives in the Field of IoT

“IoT” has a possibility to create new life experiences and values by connecting various “things” to the Internet. SAKURA internet aims to be a platform for sharing the vast amount of data that IoT brings in the world. To begin with, we started offering “Sakura’s IoT platform”, which has integrated the communications environment for IoT and data storage and processing systems.