Message from the President

Ever since our founding in 1996, we at SAKURA internet have strived to provide high-quality yet simple Internet services to as many people as possible. As a result, a great number of clients have come to use our services, and we have achieved steady business performance. This is all thanks to the support we have received from each and every client, and I am grateful for it.

At one point in time, the Internet was simply treated as a useful tool. However, it has now established itself in society as a vital piece of infrastructure. As new services and social systems utilizing the Internet continuously crop up, the importance of our role as supporters of the computing infrastructure field increases.

In the future, we will further enhance our efforts to fulfil our important role as social infrastructure and provide advanced services that will expand the possibilities for our clients and bring about changes in society.

Background of Our Founding

When I was an 18-year-old student in 1996, I experienced an emotion so intense that I do not believe it will ever be surpassed in my lifetime. It was when I went to a computer shop in Akihabara in Tokyo that had a “Try out the Internet” section. From there, I was able to access my own web server that was hosted far away at my alma mater National Institute of Technology, Maizuru College in Kyoto.

Nowadays it is obvious that one should be able to access oneʼs own server from an external network, but at the time, the Internet was extremely expensive, and it was not something that anybody could casually use. In that context, a response came from my own server, far away in Maizuru, all the way to the computer in Akihabara, where I was. It was about 400km in direct distance.

I wanted to share this feeling with more people. For this reason, I wanted to create a server service that anybody could casually use. I wanted to enable each and every person to do whatever they wanted to do on the Internet. And so, in a single room in a Maizuru College dormitory, I created a server rental service on December 23 of that same year.

That was the beginning of SAKURA internetʼs history.

Representative Director and President
Kunihiro Tanaka