Privacy Policy

  • SAKURA internet Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) follows the laws and regulations regarding personal information protection, governmental guidelines, and other rules when handling personal information while considering the importance of personal information, for protecting personal information.

Collection of personal information

  • Our company gathers personal information within a necessary range. Personal information will be gathered with legal and fair methods within a necessary range, in order to attain the purpose of use described below, and personal information that could infringe the rights of individuals or harm the interests of individuals will not be collected. The customer center of our company may record phone talks, so that operators will be able to respond properly and maintain or improve the quality of customer services.

Purpose of use of personal information

  • Personal information may be used within a necessary range for attaining the following purposes of use regarding our company’s business activities. We will not obtain personal information beyond the scope of said purpose of use or use it for any purposes other than specified ones.

  • (1) Identification of users, confirmation of contents of contracts, charging of usage fees, notification on revisions to usage fees and conditions for offering services, notification on suspension, stoppage or cancellation of contracts for services, notification on revisions to conditions, and other items related to the provision of our company’s services

    (2) Sales promotion of our company’s services and questionnaire surveys using a variety of media, including telephone, e-mails, and mails

    (3) Improvement of our company’s services, management of users of our company’s services, and prevention of usage while violating the provisions for services

    (4) Confirmation of requests and orders from customers, and improvement of our response and services

Entrustment of personal information

  • When entrusting external enterprises with some tasks for information processing, we may provide them with personal information. When offering personal information, we will select entrustees while checking whether they satisfy the criteria for protecting personal information to a sufficient degree and conclude a contract for confidentiality.

Provision of personal information to a third party

  • We will not disclose provided personal information to a third party, except the following cases.

  • (1) The user agrees with the disclosure.

    (2) The disclosure is necessary for protecting the life, physical health, or property of a person, and it is difficult to gain the consent of the user.

    (3) It is necessary to disclose or provide personal information in accordance with a law or regulation.

If information is insufficient

  • If provided personal information is insufficient, our company’s services may be unavailable.

Disclosure, correction, addition, and deletion of personal information

  • When a Customer requests confirmation, revision (correction, addition or deletion), cessation of use or removal of his/her Personal Information Etc., Our company will, upon verifying such Customer's identity, comply with the request, unless there is a reasonable basis to refuse.

Management of personal information

  • We will implement appropriate safety measures against unauthorized access to personal information or the risks of loss, destruction, falsification, leak, etc. of personal information from technical and organizational aspects, and store and manage personal information.

Storage period of personal information

  • When the contract for use of services is terminated and the storage period of personal information designated by our company ends, we will delete the personal information of users, unless otherwise specified by a law or regulation or personal information that cannot identify individuals is used as statistical data.

Contact information

  • We opened a contact center to respond to questions, complaints, and other inquiries about the handling of personal information. We will respond appropriately and promptly to such inquiries within the scope considered reasonable under commonly accepted norms.

  • Customer Center (SAKURA internet Inc.)

  • This is an English translation from the Japanese version. In the case of any disputes, the Japanese version takes precedence.